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Ethiopia is a country rich with culture and tradition.

Since the 1980's, Ethiopia has been synonymous with famine and hardship, defined by harrowing images and news headlines broadcast on televisions. Events such as Band Aid and Live Aid helped to bring Ethiopia's plight to the world's attention.

Since then, Ethiopia has been in and out of the public eye, but the problems have not gone away. Ethiopia is heavily reliant upon its agricultural industry, but all too often things still go wrong. There is a severe lack of knowledge and expertise as to how to effectively manage land and natural resources to drastically reduce the chance of crop failure and the loss of livestock.

In times of drought, disaster is inevitable.

Political instability in the Horn of Africa and a border dispute with neighbouring Eritrea has created worry and insecurity for rural communities.

Against this backdrop, people struggle to survive.

Little support is available to those living in extreme poverty and the desperately inadequate healthcare system and limited access to schooling and education both present major obstacles in Ethiopia's pursuit of lasting and positive change.

Ethiopia today remains one of the poorest countries in the world and its people continue to endure terrible suffering. However, they are dynamic and engaging enough to create change, if given the chance…


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