World Youth Skills Day

Posted by Francesca Rutherford on Saturday 15th July 2017

Today is World Youth Skills Day. Young people around the world are still disproportionately affected by labour market inequalities, young people are more likely to be unemployed, underpaid and suffer from job insecurity.

In 2004 the Ethiopian government implemented policy with the aim of bringing ‘about the active participation of youth in the building of a democratic system and good governance as well as in the economic, social and cultural activities’. While Ethiopia has made significant progress in accomplishing this aim, there remain some significant disparities. Access to quality jobs in Ethiopia is greatly depends on location, with the majority of quality jobs being located in urban areas. However, due to the significant lack of education and training opportunities available to the youth population, young people still face high levels of unemployment even in urban areas. The vast majority of the Ethiopian youth population suffer from the lack of access to quality education, training programmes and employment opportunities.

Ethiopiaid support a number of partners that provide children and young people the opportunity to attend school and the skills they will need to improve their chances of being able to support themselves in the future.

We have worked with Hope Enterprises for over 20 years, Hope run a range of programmes that help children and young people learn and develop crucial skills and gain valuable experience. Hope Enterprises feed hundreds of street children every day with their Street Children’s Breakfast initiative, the hope being that without the worry of having to find food, the children will want to stay for the literacy and numeracy classes, which are held afterwards.

Hope Enterprises also run six schools across Ethiopia providing free quality education to hundreds of children every year. The schools provide their students with everything they need, from stationery and uniforms to food. As well as preparing students to take their national exams Hope Enterprises provide a wide range of vocational courses in the hope that when they finish school, students will be able to support themselves.

To read more about how we support young people gain the skills they need for the future, click here.

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