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As a fundraising organisation, we donate directly to local community projects in Ethiopia. These partners already hold the answers.



The average Ethiopian exists on just £1 per day and 39% live below the poverty line. Our partners help to raise people out of poverty for good.

Poverty is far from simple. But what we do know is that by working with the right people we make sure that those who can make a real difference, do make a real difference.



Every day, thousands of people die from preventable diseases. Supporting Ethiopiaid can save a life and rescue somebody from a lifetime of suffering.

Remove the unnecessary barrier of illness and gives someone the chance to build themselves a brighter future.



Everybody deserves the right to an education. We envisage a country where everybody’s potential is nurtured. Your support can help us to achieve this goal.

Take a child off the streets. Put them into school. Give them breakfast. These simple steps can change a life – and the future of a new generation – forever.


Download our guide to giving here.

Empower somebody now and make a difference forever.

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