Transforming lives in Ethiopia

Transforming . in Ethiopia

"We are the only ones able to reach these people"

Help communities torn apart by conflict, that no other NGO can reach. Support our Emergency and Recovery Fund today.

Alemitu will never forget .

Help Ethiopians rewrite the story of childbirth injuries.

Mekedes will never forget .

In Ethiopia, nearly a quarter of the women are subjected to gender-based violence.

Tirualem will never forget .

Help Ethiopians rewrite their education story.

Gemeda will never forget .

Help Ethiopians like Gemeda rewrite his future.

Asegedch will never forget .

Help Ethiopians rewrite the story for Ethiopia’s elderly.

Make a donation to our Emergency & Recovery Fund for the current humanitarian crisis in Tigray and the surrounding regions, and read about what our partners are doing to help those who have had to flee their homes.

It’s been six months since Ethiopiaid’s BBC Radio 4 Appeal and we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported, and update you on the impact of your generosity.

We hope you will take inspiration from the stories you read in our newsletter and feel proud of the work you support and make possible.

How we help⪢

Ethiopiaid partners with trusted local organisations to improve the lives of some of Ethiopia’s most vulnerable.

Where we help⪢

Learn more about our where our partners are making change in Ethiopia.

How you can help⪢

Whatever your circumstances, there’s a way you can help a vulnerable person rewrite their story.

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Senait caring for a pregnant mother

Senait’s Story

When fighting reached Sifra on the Tigray border, Senait, along with her family and neighbours, fled for their lives. But, in the chaos and confusion

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