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Tirualem and Hawi’s appetite for education

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Girls like Tirualem and Hawi have a deep determination to learn. All they need is a fair opportunity…

“Now I don’t get hungry and can attend my education attentively.”

Tirualem’s hunger used to grow so severe, it would cloud her mind and affect her concentration. She struggled to listen to her teachers and complete her work.

Her father died when she was just two. Now, she’s 10 years-old, but her mother is struggling to provide for her and her three siblings’ basic needs. That includes the challenge of sending Tirualem to school with lunch.

Most of the time, Tirualem’s friends would share their food with her. However, when they weren’t able to come to school, she faced the day’s classes with an empty stomach.

Staving off hunger

Fortunately, Tirualem is a student at one of the schools run by our local partner, Hope Enterprises. Thanks to supporters like you, Tirualem has benefitted from a new school feeding project that was piloted last September.

She now receives a daily lunchtime sandwich, which staves off hunger and enables her to concentrate in the afternoon. Tirualem told us: “The programme helps me, and now I do not get hungry. I can also attend my education attentively.” Tirualem’s hunger for education is great. It has helped to keep her in school, and she recently finished her term fifth highest out of her class of 56 students.

Deep determination

Twelve-year-old Hawi shares Tirualem’s commitment to learning. She is also a beneficiary of Hope Enterprises. Despite losing her father to HIV/AIDS – and both her and her mother living with the disease while caring for her ailing grandfather – she has been in school since she was five and wants to become a doctor.

You can help Hope Enterprises reach more girls like Tirualem and Hawi by donating now.

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