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Statement from our CEO in Response to Locust Emergency

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Plagues of locusts have devastated hundreds of thousands of hectares of vegetation in Ethiopia, destroying crops and livestock pasture in four regions, including Afar where our partner, the Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA), works. This destruction will only worsen: it is estimated that these locust swarms will increase 400 times in size by June.

When an emergency hits the communities we support, it is critical we act swiftly and with purpose. We are often able to respond before other international aid agencies, directing support immediately to our partners who are invested in these communities.

Our partner, APDA, works within the remote communities of Afar and tell us what works, what communities need to survive and what the struggles and fears are as they happen. They know the community inside and out; they know best.

The locusts have come at a terrible time. There is already significant food insecurity and now people are becoming increasingly malnourished. Even their livestock, the only source of income, meat and milk, are dying.

Because of your support and Ethiopiaid’s small and agile nature, we have been able to quickly respond to APDA’s reports and send funding. However, this is an unprecedented crisis, which is worsening daily, and we need to raise more.

Please make a donation today and help us save lives.

Lisa Cousins


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