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Drought crisis – our response

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People and camels in a very dry landscape, with blue water containers and sacks of supplies

In response to the current drought and worsening food crisis in the Afar region of Ethiopia, we have sent additional funding to our partner, the Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA). 

Over the last few months Ethiopia has seen extremely low levels of rainfall leading to droughts, failure of crops and death of herds.  In the midst of the annual hot season, communities are experiencing extreme water shortages.  APDA is providing emergency water to these vulnerable communities.

APDA tell us that the most affected districts are in northern and central Afar.  The people who are worst affected are those living close to the northern Eritrean border in Bidu, Eli Da’ar and Kori.  It is here that during the many months of conflict over 40 water systems were destroyed.  The lack of rain, combined with conflict, displacement and the impact of the Ukraine war on global markets, means that thousands of people are suffering from acute malnutrition, hunger and thirst.

Containers of water being distributed, man in foreground holding his hands up in prayer for rain
Praying for rain, Eli Da'ar

Herds and livestock are also suffering.  Living in extreme heat and with little, if any, water and fodder, young and breeding animals are dying.  Animal feed is urgently needed for the herd to provide milk for families who are now up to 7 months without substantial protein in their diets and existing on the little ground wheat they can access from aid programmes.

In Magaale where displaced people are living, a group of men explained how they shared to purchase a kilogram of sugar, boiled up tea each morning, each drinking a cup and convincing themselves they were thereby fed for the day so that the children and women could eat something. The grain they had received at 50 kilograms per household …. lay on the ground in an endless snake of bags awaiting the one grinding mill…. the mill has the capacity of grinding 10 bags per night (avoiding the heat of the day), the only such service for over 5,000 households.

APDA are currently delivering the following interventions:

Our most recent response will target support for 500 malnourished mothers and their children, alongside livestock fodder, veterinary care and replacing lost livestock so that their herds are kept alive and producing nutritious milk. 

We continue to work closely with our partners to assess needs and provide funds where we can.  Ethiopiaid is only able to respond so swiftly thanks to donors supporting our Emergency and Recovery Fund.  Thank you for standing with us.

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