Emergency & Recovery: Who, What & Where?

We recognise that there are increased and ongoing needs in Ethiopia as a result of the conflict. We have set up an Emergency and Recovery Fund to ensure that throughout the year we can stand by our partners, remain flexible and respond to their changing needs. It will be used for projects that are either […]

Senait’s Story

Senait caring for a pregnant mother

When fighting reached Sifra on the Tigray border, Senait, along with her family and neighbours, fled for their lives. But, in the chaos and confusion Senait was separated from her mother. Like so many others she was desperate for news of her family but when it came, her heart was broken.  Her mother had been […]

Supporting people impacted by conflict

It has been over a year since fighting began in the Tigray region, and more than 1.7 million people have been displaced as a result.  The impact of the conflict The situation in Tigray, and now further afield in Afar and Amhara, is deeply concerning and this is a situation that we are having to […]

A story of a life lost and a life saved

Woinshet with her baby

It was mid-February, when a young woman, Selam, went into labour at home in her remote village. After many hours labouring with only her family present she began haemorrhaging, the sight of so much blood loss terrified her family. Her only hope was to be carried by stretcher to the nearest health centre. Eight men were gathered […]

Welcome to our Winter Newsletter!

We hope you will take inspiration from the stories you read in our newsletter and feel proud of the work you support and make possible. If you would like to donate to our winter appeal for our Maternal Health Partners and help transform a woman’s life, click here.

Meet Maria Munir

Maria, the founder of our women-led safehouses, has dedicated her life to protecting and promoting the human rights of women and girls. Maria was born in Addis Ababa to a large family of 13 girls and 4 boys. Her primary education was at the Cathedral School – people in her community used to wonder why […]