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Our local partners work on a range of projects dedicated to improving access to educational opportunities.
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Adolescent girls as well as children and young people that come from impoverished circumstances are often overlooked, unable to access education and healthcare – failing to achieve their full potential.

These challenges not only threaten their education but also their opportunity to climb from poverty to prosperity.



Helping the underprivileged climb from poverty to prosperity and giving equal opportunities to adolescent girls through the provision of reusable sanitary kits. 

We have partnered with three local organisations: Hope Enterprises, Hope Enterprises University College and Studio Samuel.


Our partners

Hope Enterprises’ programme helps vulnerable young people to climb from poverty to prosperity. Their Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) equips young people from impoverished families across Addis Ababa with valuable skills for meaningful employment in electronics, auto mechanics, hospitality, catering and tailoring. Learning skills which are in high demand by employers means that they can find jobs after graduation, earn a reliable income to support themselves and their families and confidently contribute to their communities. Hope Enterprises also works to fight hunger and malnutrition by providing free meals to vulnerable adults and children living on the streets of Addis Ababa and Dessie.

Young people with limited opportunities are able to access higher education through HEUC’s sponsorship programme. Bursaries are provided for the poorest students, removing many of the practical barriers to education and enabling them to gain qualifications that will lead to professional employment.

Stigma surrounding menstruation means that many girls in Ethiopia are ashamed to ask for help, and often drop out of school. Based in Addis Ababa, Studio Samuel’s project supports vulnerable girls to stay in school by distributing free re-usable sanitary kits, and through offering extra-curricular after school courses in IT and business skills, sewing, life skills and creative arts. Studio Samuel helps girls continue their education and develop important skills for future employment. Support is also given to access healthcare, tutoring and scholarships that they otherwise would miss out on. Some of the girls also go on to lead presentations at other schools on how to use the sanitary kits, encouraging both girls and boys to break the taboo.  

Our impact

In 2021 Ethiopiaid’s donors and local partners made a real difference to students, vulnerable children and young people.


girls aged 12-18 learned about menstrual hygiene management and received free reusable sanitary kits.


of TVET students at Hope Enterprises gained employment within 3 months of graduating.


of sponsored final year students at Hope Enterprises University College successfully graduated with degrees.


vulnerable young people were supported to access higher education in 2021.

Teyeba's story - breaking period stigma ⪢

In Ethiopia, 80% of girls drop out of school before the age of 14. Many girls lack access to sanitary products, so they miss school and fall behind. 

Tamrat's climb through the Ladders of Hope ⪢

​Hope Enterprises helps thousands of impoverished children and young people to continue their education every year. It all starts with a simple breakfast.

Ethiopiaid helped sponsor Manale's University degree ⪢

Manale studies at Hope University College. Manale’s fees are sponsored which meant that she can continue studying without worry.

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With your donation, our local partners can support people who need it the most, at a time when it will make a real difference.

We also help

Women and girls ⪢

Adolescent girls are often subjected to harmful traditional practices, such as female genital mutilation, gender-based violence and child marriage. 

Supporting the vulnerable ⪢

Ethiopia has over four million people over the age of 60. Many of these people have no access to a state pension and are unable to save for their old age.

Living with disabilities ⪢

People living with disabilities are routinely denied their most basic human rights, and are cut off from education, employment and healthcare. In Ethiopia, many live in extreme poverty.

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