Transforming lives in Ethiopia

Emergency and recovery

Life-saving support

Providing life-saving aid for people affected by conflict and natural disasters. Responding swiftly to locally identified needs, and implementing durable solutions for long-term recovery.


In the last few years, Ethiopia has faced multiple emergencies. From locust swarms decimating crops and livelihoods, drought and food shortages, the Covid-19 pandemic and most recently political instability resulting in reports of large numbers of civilian casualties, looting and the destruction of health-centres, homes and livelihoods.

These challenges not only threaten health, education and livelihoods, but also compromise the well-being and opportunities of the next generation.



We are working with three main partners to ensure conflict-affected people get what they need as quickly as our partners can deliver it – from emergency lifesaving aid to long-lasting recovery solutions.

  • Afar Pastoralist Development Association are providing food, water, shelter and medicine to thousands of people fleeing Tigray, alongside the Afar households sheltering refugees.
  • Hope of Light and Wings of Healing are providing medical care for both local pregnant women and internally displaced people by re-equipping looted, damaged health centres and setting up emergency medical clinics.
Displacement in Uwwa district

Emergency & Recovery: Who, What & Where? ⪢

For each of our partners, recovery will mean something different. Read how we are working in 2022 to help them adapt programmes to new challenges and changing needs. Enabling people to reach out for help once more.

Senait's Story ⪢

When fighting reached Sifra on the Tigray border, Senait, along with her family and neighbours, fled for their lives. Read how 36 year old APDA extension worker Senait, was determined to get back to Sifra and help those most in need.

Impact of the conflict ⪢

It has been over a year since fighting began in the Tigray region, and more than 1.7 million people have been displaced as a result. 

Our partners

APDA was created alongside local Afar leaders who felt their needs were not being met by formal government services. APDA is dedicated to ending harmful practices, including female genital mutilation (FGM), child marriage and the lack of rights for women in marriage. They also run life-changing projects in water harvesting, mobile health and education, and have been providing life-saving emergency support, in response to the recent locust plagues and conflict in the region. 

Hope of Light provide obstetric fistula treatment at 3 fistula health centres in Gondar, Jima and Assella. They were founded by Dr Ambaye, a fistula surgeon with over 27 years’ experience, who was trained by the awe-inspiring Dr Catherine Hamlin. As well as providing medical supplies for fistula care, Dr Ambaye trains doctors in fistula surgery, raises awareness with health professionals and her team provide post-operative counselling for patients. 

Wings of Healing is led by Dr Onsy Louca, and have established four emergency clinics in Axum and Adwa Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps. These clinics provide emergency and essential medical care for displaced persons, particularly mothers, pregnant women, and young children. They are working to prevent communicable diseases and the spread of infectious diseases, reduce malnutrition, provide access to basic pharmaceuticals, and provide care for victims of gender based and sexual violence.  

Your impact

Being deeply rooted in local communities means that our partners are often the first to respond when there is urgent need, delivering swift and tailored responses in areas where other agencies are unable, or unwilling, to travel. Your support means Ethiopiaid can remain steadfast in all our commitments to our partners – meaning we have so far been able to provide over £676,000 to partners, directly benefitting over 183,000 people.

Image of tent


people provided with life-saving support such as food, water, shelter and medicines.

Over 10,000

internally displaced people supported at emergency medical clinics in Axum and Adwa.


people fleeing Tigray reached with emergency medical support and maternal healthcare.


health centres supplied with birthing kits including wheelchairs, IV stands and delivery equipment.

We also help

Health and welfare ⪢

Ethiopia has over four million people over the age of 60. Many of these people have no access to a state pension and are unable to save for their old age.

Education ⪢

Around 60,000 children live on the streets of Addis Ababa. More than half have no access to shelter, adequate food, or an education.

Living with disabilities ⪢

People living with disabilities are routinely denied their most basic human rights, and are cut off from education, employment and healthcare. In Ethiopia, many live in extreme poverty.

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