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Leave a legacy and help us to continue transforming lives in Ethiopia.

I am incredibly grateful to our supporters who have the foresight to leave us a gift in their Will. However big or small, a legacy gift is the most effective way of making a lasting difference. It is an invaluable source of income that enables Ethiopiaid to plan ahead and broaden our impact.

How to add a gift in your Will

Leaving a gift in your Will to Ethiopiaid is a meaningful way to make a difference. You can make a significant impact by including a residuary legacy, which allocates a percentage of your estate to support our transformative work or a pecuniary legacy, which designates a fixed amount of money to Ethiopiaid.

If you’re ready to include Ethiopiaid in your Will, thank you. All you need to make this happen is to contact your professional advisor with the following information:

Our Charity Name: Ethiopiaid UK
Registered Charity Number: 802353
Registered Address: Ethiopiaid, PO Box 5168, Bath, BA1 0RR

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What gifts in Wills have achieved

Our partners started and scaled up programmes

Hope of Light established new centres to treat women with obstetric fistula and pelvic organ prolapse, allowing them to treat 106 women in 2023 with childbirth injuries; Wings of scaled up their innovative ‘one stop’ cervical cancer screening programme and were able to restore maternal health services that were impacted by conflict.

Our partners were able to respond to emergencies quickly

Ethiopiaid are often the first to respond to our partners’ requests for help, which can be the difference between life and death for people facing drought, disease and conflict. In 2023, funding from legacy gifts helped our partner APDA respond to a cholera crisis in Teeru, Afar, with water trucking and medical support and provided food for 1,250 pregnant women and new mothers during two months of drought in 2023.

Ethiopiaid were able to reach more people through small grants

Gifts in Wills enabled us to provide small one-off grants to 14 local organisations across the country in 2023. These grants support small but effective charities. help
them start planned projects, extend their reach, strengthen their teams’ work and go on to raise further funding from larger organisations.


Your Will is one of the most important documents you will ever write, and we at Ethiopiaid will never pressure you or ask you to tell us your decision. We understand that your family and friends come first. However, if you have decided to include Ethiopiaid in your Will please get in touch so that we can say thank you.

If you are administering an estate where Ethiopiaid have kindly been left a gift, please contact our team on The team can provide support and guidance to both personal and professional executors, together with our paying in details.

Farewill are the UK’s number one Will writing service. Visit Farewill’s website to complete your Will online free of charge, using the voucher code ETHLET. Alternatively, you can arrange a telephone appointment.
Write your Will online 
Book a phone appointment 
The Goodwill Partnership provides home-visit solicitor-provided Wills in England and Wales. Their trained counsellors come to your home to take your Will instructions at a time convenient to you.
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Legacies are an invaluable source of income that enables us to plan ahead and broaden our impact. You can read about some of the remarkable accomplishments made possible by our partners on this website. Furthermore, our annual Newsletter and Impact Report offer a deeper dive into firsthand accounts, accompanied by detailed breakdowns showcasing the profound impact of legacies on our mission. You can access these resources on our website or get in touch with us directly, and we’ll gladly send you a copy.

Ethiopiaid have been working since 1989 building a strong network of partners in Ethiopia, as well as a diverse range of fundraising in the UK. We were founded to serve communities in Ethiopia for many years, and this remains key to our vision and purpose.

Yes, if you would like your gift to benefit a specific area of our work, we’ll endeavour to honour that request to the best of our ability. However, it’s important to note that while we strive to accommodate such preferences, we can’t guarantee ongoing support for every specific area of our work due to potential changes in our focus or priorities in the future.

In recent years for every £1 raised, around 80p has gone directly to projects in Ethiopia and 20p has been spent on essential running costs and helping to raise the next £1. This fluctuates slightly each year so the latest up-to-date figures can be found on our website or in our latest Impact Report.

Any gift in your Will – large or small – is very precious to Ethiopiaid. Remember, it won’t cost you anything during your lifetime, but it will make a very big difference to the people we help. We understand that there is a limit to what people can give during their lifetime. However, many supporters feel that leaving a gift in their Will is the best way to make a larger gift to a cause they care about, without affecting their day-to-day living.

No, gifts to charities in Wills are exempt from tax. Giving money to charity can help some people offset the Inheritance Tax on your estate. Your financial advisor can tell you more.

Regularly reviewing and updating your Will is crucial to ensure it accurately reflects changes in your life. Significant events such as buying or selling a house, or welcoming a new child or grandchild, often warrant revisions. This review process also provides an opportunity to consider including Ethiopiaid in your Will, if you wish.

Yes, to make changes to your Will, simply fill out the enclosed Codicil form and ensure it is signed by independent witnesses. We highly recommend consulting a solicitor for guidance on modifying your Will or utilising the provided Codicil form.

We understand that making a Will is a deeply personal decision, and we respect your privacy regarding your intentions. However, should you decide to include us in your estate plans, we would be immensely grateful and would welcome the opportunity to express our thanks.

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