Transforming lives in Ethiopia


Alone, we make small differences. Together, the possibilities are endless.


Our long history of working in Ethiopia has given us the expertise and experience to put your gift to work in areas where it can make lasting change. As a long-established charity with a small, agile team, we are also able to respond swiftly in times of great need.  

We want you to feel deeply rewarded by your support of Ethiopiaid. If you are considering making a significant gift – whether a one-off donation or staggered over a number of years – we can help match your passions with the work of our partners in Ethiopia. 

Your Impact

Each year we have the privilege of meeting and working with a number of exceptionally generous people who support our work with major donations. Philanthropic giving provides stability to our partners, and in some cases one or two individuals can fund programmes that impact thousands of people.


will support one child for a year providing food, clothing, beds and blankets.


will cover the cost of training a midwife.


will care for 300 safe house residents at AWSAD  providing 3 nutritious meals per day to support their physical, mental, and emotional recovery frogender-based violence. 


will pay for all schoolgirls at one secondary school to receive reusable period packs.


will pay for 25 female extension workers to work in Afar in the fight against female genital mutilation (FGM).


Can help 125 families supporting a child with a disability, to start sustainable businesses and provide nutritious family meals through Cheshire Services Ethiopia's Sustainable Livelihoods Project.


Our Promise

We’re as committed as you are to ensuring your giving has maximum impact. We’ll encourage you to develop a deep connection with the work you help fund. A named person in our small team will provide you with reports on the difference your funding is making. There will also be opportunities to visit the work you are supporting so you can see it first hand. 


If you would like more information, please contact our Partnerships Fundraising Manager, Miriam Maggs, by emailing or calling 01225 476385. 

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Alternatively, please take a look at a small selection of our current projects on Maanch: 

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