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Alaza’s dedication to physio

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Although spinobifida has made this 18-month-old’s movement limited and painful, he’s showing great determination in therapy sessions

“With continued therapy, Alaza will be able to lead a relatively normal, healthy life.”

Alaza is just 18-months-old, but has been having weekly physiotherapy sessions since he was three months old. Born with spinobifida, his movement was very limited and very painful. His mother did not know how to properly care for him, but knew he was in pain, so she sought help from Cheshire Services. He has been having his therapy sessions as well as medical assessment ever since.

His physiotherapist, Hiwot – which means ‘life renewed’ – carried out sensation tests (putting gentle pressure on his legs and soles of his feet with her fingers), strength tests (holding out a toy in front of him and encouraging him to reach out with alternate hands to grab it), and resistance tests (getting him on all fours and encouraging him to push back on her hands with his lower back and legs) With continued therapy, and the aid of walking devices such as crutches if necessary, Alaza should be able to lead a relatively normal, healthy life.

With your help, Cheshire Services can help other young boys and girls receive the physiotherapy they need.

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