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‘I get to live for my baby boy’ 

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Chaltu’s cervical cancer test was positive: they found potentially harmful precancerous cells.

24-year-old Chaltu lives in Addis Ababa with her husband and their young son. Though the family do not live far from a health centre, it would never have occurred to Chaltu to just drop in for a cervical cancer screening appointment – she had never heard of cervical cancer, let alone the simple procedure that could detect and prevent it from developing. 

Few diseases reflect global inequality as much as cervical cancer, with around 90% of deaths occurring in low-income countries like Ethiopia. Many women, like Chaltu, are not aware of the risks associated with cervical cancer, or the importance of regular screenings.  

Our partner Wings of Healing provide free screening and treatment of cervical cancer. They work to:

Doctors explaining cervical screening to women, showing information cards.
Community outreach work

In one of their door-to-door campaigns, the Wings of Healing team met Chaltu in her home. She cares for her son during the day, while her husband works as a daily labourer. He earns less than one pound per day.  

Initially, Chaltu was not convinced about attending an appointment for something she had never heard of, when she was not experiencing any pain or symptoms. Like many women, she was reluctant to undergo the procedure. But with the team’s explanations and encouragement, she decided to be screened.

Chaltu’s test was positive: they found potentially harmful precancerous cells.

With her consent, they were able to treat her immediately, by freezing the abnormal cells.

She is so relieved to be able to continue her life with her young family. In her words: “I get to live for my baby boy”.

In a country like Ethiopia, prevention is key. Please make a gift today, and together we can save more women.

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