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Emergency & Recovery

Emergency Appeal – latest update from APDA

As the conflict has spread into the Afar region, our partner APDA has been working to assist over 70,000 displaced people fleeing the fighting along

Building resilience in Afar

Awra, in the central Afar region, has seen severe weather conditions. The area experiences extreme fluctuations between long periods of drought, and severe floods when

Maternal Health

Ache’s Story

Ache Ambo, now in her 50s, sustained an obstetric fistula injury giving birth to her stillborn baby.   She never recovered mentally nor physically from

Meet Tomas and Maria

Tomas has a learning disability coupled with physical challenges. He has no speech and is unable to stand or walk unaided. His mother Maria is


Meet Fasil

How long have you worked at Cheshire Services? I have been working for Cheshire Ethiopia since April 1, 1996, 25 years this year! Why did

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Emergency Update

Despite a signed peace agreement in November 2022 between the Ethiopian government and Tigrayan forces, people living in the Afar region continue to face immense

A lifeline for women and children

CEO update: emergency aid in Afar Last month our partner APDA shared with me that rain has not fallen since late September in much of

Exploring Philanthropy

Ethiopiaid & the Practical Philanthropy podcast. Alex Chapman, our Chair of Trustees, recently spoke to Lyn Tomlinson, the Head of Impact and Philanthropy at Cazenove