Gigi will never forget .

Gigi will never forget .

Most blind children in Ethiopia don’t have the chance to attend school. So many live in extreme poverty.

Please help change this and donate £60 today.

Will you help Hester raise £20,000 for children like Gigi?

Hester is our 12 year old Youth Ambassador. She is passionate that visualy impaired children, wherever they are, should be able to learn, to play and to have dreams.

Gigi  contracted glaucoma as a small baby. Unfortunately by the time his parents understood what had happened, it was too late. His mother believed he was cursed. His family felt that Gigi would be a burden to them forever.

Today I am Executive Director of Special Educational Needs Tigray (SENTigray). It wasn’t an easy journey but it made me passionate about helping others who have been less fortunate.