"My baby and I are safe."

"My baby and I are safe."

Ethiopian women should be able to experience childbirth without fear.

Risks identified, complications avoided, lives saved.

We know the key to saving lives and preventing life-limiting injuries: trained midwives and regular antenatal appointments. Thanks to you, we are able to support a network of maternal health partners across Ethiopia who share the goal of improving health care, eradicating fistula, and
saving the lives of mothers and babies.

We want to share with you two birth stories; one of tragedy and another of change.

Take a read and discover:

  • The gender officer who has spent 22 years eradicating FGM and early marriage
  • Our response to the conflict in Ethiopia
  • Inspiring supporter stories 
  • The opening of a new women’s safe house in the Afar region 
  • The boy who has learnt to walk again 
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