Emergency Appeal

Emergency Appeal: .

4.4 million people are now experiencing severe food shortages (ACAPS, July 2021).

Please make a donation today, so that, together, we can help these people. 

"I don't know how to describe the pain these people are in"

The conflict in northern Ethiopia’s Tigray region has now spilled over into the neighbouring regions of Amhara and Afar. Valerie Browning, Co-Founder of Afar Pastoralist Development Association, explains how many are affected, how these people are being helped and how APDA are moving forward as best they can.

The situation so far:


people facing famine conditions according to the UN, June 2021.


households (an estimated 10,000 people) in Afar hosting people fleeing violence, supported by our partner APDA.


displaced children and adults living in host communities in the Afar region.


months of vital medicine and equipment provided for emergency clinics in IDP camps serving over 170,000 people.

As the conflict has spread into the Afar region, our partner APDA has been working to assist over 70,000 displaced people fleeing the fighting. Read their latest update to find out more.
Read the latest update from our partner, Wings of Healing, who have established emergency medical clinics in camps for internally displaced people, in the Tigray region.
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