Transforming lives in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, conflict and crises have meant 4.6 million people are displaced.

In recent years, Ethiopia has suffered a series of devastating crises, compounded by the political instability and violent conflict across several regions, including Tigray and Oromia.  

Many people are living in overcrowded displacement camps, among them pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers who are in danger of becoming severely malnourished.

These women and their children have had to travel many miles, have seen horrific sights, lost loved ones and been separated from their families and friends. The only option many have is to rely on the kindness of others; the staff and volunteers in the camp, and you.

Please make a gift today and help show these women that they are not alone.

Women and their babies who have been displaced in Ethiopia, sitting together in a large temporary tent for aid.
Mothers & their babies being supported through emergency clinics

“I joined a group of people fleeing. The journey was very difficult. I saw horrific sights, mothers, girls and children being killed in front of our eyes. I was fortunate to escape with my little baby.”

Read Safiya’s story

How will my donation help?

Emergency clinics set up in the middle of the camps are providing essential food and medical care.

Our partner’s devoted team welcome women with reassurance and gentle care. They carry out health checks for mothers and babies, supporting their recovery with nutritious hot meals. 

Right now, we are working to reach

1,000 women and their children

who are in need of essential food and care.

Please donate today. Together we are making a difference.

For every £1 we raised in 2022…

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81p funds local projects in Ethiopia helping to transform lives.

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19p helps raise the next £1 and funds essential running costs.

Why Ethiopiaid?

We focus on the needs of vulnerable Ethiopians at grass-roots level. This hinges on sustained relationships with trusted Ethiopian partners.

Our partners know the context and solutions; we listen and provide appropriate support. Growth and development are tracked in local communities using robust monitoring and evaluation. Partnerships continue as long as there’s a clear need and opportunities to make a lasting impact.

Our vision – an Ethiopia in which every person has access to quality education, healthcare and a life of dignity.

Our mission – breaking the cycle of poverty by enabling the poorest and most vulnerable and their communities to live with dignity, to build resilience and achieve real and sustainable solutions to the challenges they face.

Green Ethiopian landscape with a lake and buildings in the distance.