Transforming lives in Ethiopia

Help women whose lives have been torn apart by conflict.

Help women whose lives have been torn apart by conflict, that no other NGO can reach.

Donate £10 today to make a lasting difference to the lives of women in Ethiopia.

Since the conflict began in Northern Ethiopia in November 2020, two million people have been displaced and five million people are in desperate need of food in Tigray alone.

NGOs are struggling to operate in the region and due to the vast, difficult terrain so many people remain unreachable.

With our network of local charities and partners we are in a unique position to care for the people who have no other help.

Your support will save lives.

Senait’s family was torn apart when fighting reached her town. They were forced to flee and her mother was killed.

Despite everything, she was determined to care for the thousands of pregnant women who had lost their homes in the conflict. She cared for women living in temporary shelters who had miscarried their babies due to shock, and those arriving with nothing, heavily pregnant and starving.

Timing is crucial

We desperately need to get the right resources in place over the next few months, to make the biggest difference we can.
“We are the only ones able to reach these people” 

– Valerie Browning, frontline worker

For every £1 we raised in 2021…

79p funded local projects in Ethiopia helping to transform lives.

21p helped raise the next £1 and funded essential running costs.